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Revolutionizing Ice-Cream Delivery – A Seamless Integration as end-to-end solutions partner


Digitizing Agri-field operations for better customer operations


Revamping last mile logistics with end-to-end Tech-Ops


Optimizing order cost and lead times through omni-channel fulfillment


Revamping a Travel Booking Platform

Here’s what they say about us

From concept to execution, Pegasync demonstrated a commitment to providing customized solutions. Their strategic consultation paved the way for a solution that perfectly fit our business model. The tech team's proficiency in crafting personalized solutions has proven to be a catalyst for our success.

Neil Bryan

Head of Digital Transformation

Our experience with PegaSync has been transformative. Their strategic consultation was invaluable in identifying key areas for process improvement. The team's expertise and commitment to excellence helped us streamline operations, enhancing efficiency across the board.

Adam Wilson

Manager Alliances

Partnering up with PegaSync has been instrumental in our digital transformation journey. From strategic consultation to deploying a skilled tech team, they have been with us every step of the way. The outcome speaks for itself – improved processes, enhanced productivity, and a competitive edge in the market.

Austin gregor

Chief Technology Officer

The bespoke solutions delivered by Pegasync have truly transformed our operations. Their in-depth understanding of our specific requirements, coupled with their tech staff's expertise, resulted in a solution that exceeded our expectations. It's a partnership that continues to evolve and deliver outstanding results.

Jamie Wilkinson

Business Process Improvement Manager

Our partnership with Pegasync for customized solutions, including web development and app development, has been transformative. Their strategic consultation honed in on our unique requirements, and the expert tech team delivered a tailored solution that seamlessly integrated web and app functionalities, enhancing our overall user experience.

Tracy Schuppe

Director of Innovation and Technology